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Welcome,  welcome!


This is a weird thing for me to do—if you know me, you know I would be likely the last to go out of my way to broadcast much of my life or personal thoughts, opinions, or taste. But here we are, in my newest, most complex, and hopefully impactful personal project: creating this presence!

I have always been thinking of projects. I love conceptualizing, developing, thinking through details, and beginning new projects. I have several different small business ideas always bouncing around my head. My love for project conception is so deep that I recall my Myers-Briggs type  (I know, I know... I'll get into a write up of any and all classification quizzes I get into at some point) with the mnemonic device "I Never Finish Projects" (INFP). So, here I am, challenging myself to stick to this project and the goal of growth. Growth in learning, growth in creating, and growth in cataloging my explorations.

I'll probably rewrite this four or five more times before I figure out what I'm doing with it, but I'm still excited to have a place to share as many of my thoughts, projects, and interests in one place as possible soon!

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Thanks for reaching out!

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