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From the Classroom: Food Art Project June Contest

So, I last wrote about the challenges of creating and working and keeping along the pace of some semblance of life with mental health challenges. I didn't mention that from April-July, I had various family members living/visiting me, so I had company. Thankfully, the consistent presence of other people held me accountable not only to basic upkeep and hygiene that gets hard with depression (yup, folks, that trope about not wanting to take care of yourself when your brain is putting up a fight is a real thing!), but encouraged me to keep on top of my place and produce and create sometimes.

Crazy enough, my little sister was up for the challenge of holding me accountable to trying something new, especially if she got to benefit in the form of a barrage of sampling free cocktails.

The Food Art Project has been an incredible source of inspiration, learning, and humbling for me as I've been poking around my food-photography journey. Their June contest was inspired by High-Proof Preacher, Jordan Hughes. I don't think I came anywhere near the quality, movement, or compositional beauty that Hughes puts out on his platforms, but I enjoyed getting to play around with this.

I made my own backdrop with mod-podge and black foam core poster board. That was a fun, positive, successful trial. I learned my baby LED lights are NOT enough for me to capture high-shutter speed or details. But hey! Made a cucumber collins, blackberry-basil gin cocktail, hard blackberry lemonade (with blackberries from the farmer's market) and some more basic drinks that I thought might be easily to capture in photos.

This set is a small one, but I'm happy to have something to share anyways...

Making of a cucumber gin and tonic, vodka tonic, and blackberry lemonade...

Let me know if you like any of this stuff, happy to post it for sale in the print store!


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