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From the Classroom: Romantic Light with Valentina Solfrini

I'm two days into my four-day OOO, and decided to throw my inexperienced hat into the Food Art Project's July photography challenge to produce photos inspired by Valentina Solfrini.

Valentina's work is up my alley, to be sure. Overtly feminine subjects, moody with dramatic lighting and dark darks, cast in colors comprised of soft muted earth and neutral tones, Solfrini's work is remarkable. Think John Singer Sargent's boudoir meets Caravaggio's chiarascuro lighting. Then, sprinkle flowers, vintage linens with wide necklines, and fanciful Rococo picnics or Regency era lounging. Yeah, it is dreamy.

For the challenge, I made a stacked pavlova with blackberry whipped cream, and then pineberries, strawberries, cherry plums, Rainier cherries, wild cherries, and blackberries. I always top my berry delights with fresh torn basil to add a verdant herbaceous note amongst the saccharine sweets.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the whole thing... enjoy!

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