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Kingdom Plantae: Maui Edition

If you know me, you know I'm all about plants. Plants, trees, big leafy greens, beautiful geometric flowers. Plants are the things we need to keep existing. I'm convinced that we are to plants what dogs are to us, just that they're less sentient.

The following are pictures of plants and green life I found particularly beautiful in Maui. I have a doozy of plant photographs available in my store, these will be added shortly. I mostly just love the greens, whites, and beautiful earth tones, but I've tried to delve away from some of my typical macro-type of plant photography here.

The moss, the ferns, the peeling layers of bark. Those layers which reveal years and years of growth and existence.

Allllll the layers. I love this.

The colors, the layers, the breaking, peeling, molting skin of this tree. It's funny, as a child, the trees would scrape me up as my knees dragged along in climbing them. But here, the bark looks like layers of soft fleshy fabric so delicate.

This is the closest thing I found to an O'hia plant. O'hia trees are rapidly dying, as an aggressive fungal infection is transmitting around the islands. It only takes a few weeks to take a tree down whole. On the Waihee Ridge trail near Wailuku we actually passed a shoe-wiping station. Gates prompted hikers to pause and think back on if they'd disinfected their shoes, cleaned all their clothes and gear, and if they'd read up on how to identify and protect these trees integral to the Hawai'ian ecosystems.

That beautiful dark fiddlehead just spoke to me!

I'm big into fungus. Things growing where they shouldn't, shapes defying what my little brain thinks of as "plants" and "growth." I love all of these things,

Of course, I had to photograph some of the naturally occurring monsteras and their 6 levels of fenestrations.

Ferns in moody blacks. This might be my next phone background!

This isn't really so much a macro plant pic as it is a picture of the alpine desert flowers. The yellow and white flowers contrasting their bushy black stems amongst the red rock desert.

Those beautiful nodules on undulating waves. Those vertical layers akin to layers of sediment that has carved out the earth.

Brilliant lime neon green plants erupt across the black volcanic lava rock.


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