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seaplace: a follow-up

In January, I shared my first post of the year: the "crestfallen" photo series. Inspired by the work of photographers I found on the bygone internet darling StumbleUpon over a decade ago, I set out last year in an already weird phase of life with my camera and no shoes to just start capturing each wave as it made its final upheaval to shore.

Of course, those photos were taken weeks before I got my *new* camera, which, obviously, I think can do way better things (as an aside, I am that crazy person who buys too-good-to-be-true camera deals on eBay and finds that they're actually true. Well, it has only happened twice, but still, that's pretty cool).

Since then, I'd like to think my photography skills have vastly improved. Maybe not, but I'd like to think it, you know?

So here's a followup.

a borrower's perspective

edit 1

edit 2

I couldn't decide, ok? So you get both. Unless you help me decide in which case I'll rename and remove the loser.


the crestfallen


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