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Spooky Sintra

Of course, being in Lisbon, my sister and I could not neglect absconding to the foggy, wooded, mountainous countryside known as a retreat for the 20th century elite. After our whirlwind 36 hours in the Açores we were more than happy to book a guided tour that would relieve some of the burden of traveling and figuring things out for ourselves.

Geographically, Sintra is located west of Lisbon and covers most of the central Atlantic coast of the Iberian country. It is mountainous, rocky, and amongst the thick forests not along the coast there are castles sprinkled through the region.

Culturally, it was a bizarre amalgamation of old Moorish architecture and 20th century reproductions to facsimile older design styles.

Anyways, enjoy some of these shots from Sintra! I'll put them up on my store later.

Look along the crest of the hill to spot he old Moorish castle.

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