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Sublime Leather Loungers

You may (but are probably not) wondering what's with the delay in posts as of late. Well, life got interesting!

Shortly before I left for Thanksgiving with my family in the DC area, I decided it was time to begin an apartment search where I'm at given a new job offer, set to start early December. On my first day of looking, I went to a complex I really liked. I toured, talked about available units, and headed for my car. My mom called and shared with me an open house for a condo just minutes away from where the complex was, and even less time away from where my office was going to be. Despite many objections to the notion and concept of buying, agreed to go check it out as she suggested it and thought it could, at the very least, give me some adult home-buying knowledge.

Jump to: my mother and I driving a 16-foot moving truck from DC to Dallas, loaded with a lifetime's amount of stuff (including baby furniture for my newly-pregnant older sister, also in the DFW area) on the way to my new (and first) home!

All that to say, I've been making some modifications and repairs. Of course, in my haphazard ways, I haven't been stopping to take photographs of everything, so I'm not sure yet if this is even a place I want to share DIY home-improvement projects? Still thinking on it. But the purpose of this space is for me, myself, and I, right? And in the spirit of this place serving me, I thought I'd share some of the beautiful leather (some faux/vegan) lounge chairs I've been looking at over the last month as I try to figure out how I want to fill my space.

Ever the paradox of a thrifty and crafty young artist and Corporate Wife in training (I once had a friend tell me I'd either be like the mom from the Princess Diaries movie OR Emily Gilmore), I've been poking around to find the best chair I like to match my vision. I got a new Leanna couch from World Market in camel for about 1/5th of the price because I spent so long just scouring craigslist, offerup, and FB marketplace. So, moving forward with that one small couch, using my hope chest as a coffee table, and buying a lot of my pieces second-hand, this chair is going to likely be the biggest purchase I make for this home (aside from removing the popcorn-ceiling, but that was an aesthetic necessity) and intend to keep for years to come.

I should also mention, I unwittingly have acquired a lot of velvety upholstered furniture. My couch is a velvet beige/camel. My two storage ottomans are a heather gray velvet. My accent chair that will eventually move into the master bedroom here is a forest green velvet. I have a hardwood floor that helps contrast textures, but I'm craving some nice leather in time. So, without further ado, here are the leather lounge chairs I've compiled for myself as a little list. These are a little modern, a little mid-century, and all about wide angles. I want to be able to sit cross-legged or slouch down into some lumbar-compromising position like the true floor troll I am (not my phrase, credit to Rachel Maksy for that one)!

Price at 12/13/2021: $1250; Sold Out, Waiting list available.

I found a photo on Pinterest which included this chair and I fell in love. The aniline leather looks so soft and durable. The wide set seat with the tube/bolster pillow just scream "sit in me with a blanket, book, and tea!" So, this random pinterest image sent me down a rabbithole that has resulted in this entire post. This photo doesn't really do it justice, but it still looks great. Which is, interestingly enough... the exact SAME stock photo that Joss & Main uses for their Leopold 42" lounge chair:

Price at 12/13/2021: $1960; Sold Out, Restock Expected Jan 4, 2022.

Coincidence that these are the same photos? If you don't believe me, check out the stress lines on the right bolster pillow - there are two horizontal lines just left of center in both photos. Not sure why. Definitely raises suspicion about both, because Joss & Main's costs almost $800 more.

Price at 12/13/2021: $1499

Can be ordered in fabric, leather, or velvet in a variety of colors. This one, as you can see just in photos, doesn't have the same immediate presence of the other two. And the Charme Tan just doesn't have the same warm caramel notes of the cognac leather the other two options do. BUT, this chair has an angled back pillow which I imagine is a great deal comfier for leaning into or sitting sideways on the seat (as I often do).

Price at 12/13/2021: $895

Filled with cruelty-free synthetic feathers and upholstered in vegan leather, this is a good chair to consider for ethical reasons. By far the least structured and most organic shape this far, the design of this chair lacks a lot of maturity that the Poly & Bark or Joss & Main chairs offers, but is still beautiful in its own ways. Less contemporary and modern, but more bohemian. Still looks so soft!

Price at 12/13/2021: $1030, or $824 if you get it Unboxed (Wayfair's returned merchandise)

Finally, AllModern's take on the tufted leather chair has the most structure. In a striking contrast to Albany's leather lounger, this one leans into form and structure and looks the least plush of all the options. That makes it perfect to throw a large soft throw on top of to soften it visually if desired (and, I'm a blanket person, so... I desire alllll the throws).

All in all, I'm between these five. I'm hoping to delay and save up for another month or two so I can wisely invest in the right chair, but not sure which that is. And some will be out of stock, some will be unavailable, so I'm just going to keep watching for now. And, no, I don't want to buy from Overstock given their TrustPilot reviews, so if I continue with these sorts of posts, you won't see an overstock link. And I'll really try not to buy on Amazon and provide non-Amazon links, too.


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