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Revisiting The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

In college, during my first photography course I wound up struggling figuring out what to capture. One afternoon, after completing my suspiciously easy Global Entry interview at the TSA office at DFW, I wanted to stay around for a bit. The drive back to Waco, TX was going to be nearly 2 hours and I wanted to take the opportunity to try to take some photos for my film class before hitting the road. Being in the start of my loving relationship with plants, I thought I'd stop by the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Here I am, four years later, sharing more photos from a much more mature point in my journey as a photographer. Of course, I use that term knowing full-well I am not a professional photographer and have no space to call myself that term for anything other than as a hobbyist.

Again, possibly ruining the illusion with sharing digital copies of two alternative edited versions. I, ever the minimalist, love the version on the left. Subtle colors only noticeable after inspection. Of course, as someone looking to grow into a more vibrant form of expression, love picking up the blues, yellows, and reds in the bark. It reminds me of the color formations in Impressionist artwork.

Instead of flora and fauna, let's do florals and fish? Plus bees. Garden critters can be some of my favorite.

I think(?) the proper term for laminar flow is intended to refer to cylindrical flows of water, but the sheets of water here are some of my favorite things. As I might've mentioned before, the way that light plays with water is something I find absolutely fascinating and beautiful. Light is amazing, and if I had the luxury to be a painter in the 19th century I no doubt would choose to be an impressionist. Not that I'd be any good at it, but I'd be gobsmacked with the task to just capture light.

Textures of leaves, lights playing on top of the whole thing.

Steamy, bright mornings under hazy island sunshine. That's the warmth captured in this photo and I am here for it! Even if my hair is not.

Landscape vs. Landscape. The f/stops contrast.

Soft leaves, sharp thorns.

Cactus garden under lock and key.

Admittedly, walking through a Texas botanic garden in August while the sun was out in full mid-morning force might not have been the most well-thought out plan. That said, it was nice to take another trip out here. I'm feeling confident in my understanding and familiarity with the gardens, and probably won't take another trip out there for a long time. Same with the Dallas Arboretum. I think I'm craving a different set of botanic views.


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