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Vinspiration: wine, glass, and light

If you've gone on any sort of internet stalking spree of my work and self, you know I love light and glass. I think I might've made a terrible impressionist, but the work they do warms my heart and soul. Seven months ago I took time to play with some red wine I had on hand and my beautiful, then-thriving monstera. (I promise if you scroll to the end of the post it'll be worth it! I do figure it out.)

Consider this the spring-colored follow-up to the deep autumnal schemed first stab.

I really struggled with lighting. On top of that, I've had some serious back pain develop the last few days (as in: I slept poorly the last two nights). Squatting down to take these--even sitting down--to take these was brutal.

And because I was slow to get comfortable enough to settle down and focus on subjects, I was fighting the light as it chased after the horizon. I think I moved the table probably 7 times in this mini session. Also, the "prosecco" in the glass is 100% hard cider I poured into that glass. I wanted a cider.

The weather here has been so lovely. Truly my ideal: bright, sunny, high of 71, lows in the 40s and 50s. For the first time in the last 6 or 7 years (from my memory), I've awoken to chilly mornings and gone to bed with brisk nights in Texas. It's been a nice escape.

I digress on the weather to prevent admitting the inevitable as I drop these photos in here: I had no idea how to edit these. I didn't want it to be cool, but the shadows were forcing blue hour around my reflective subjects. I also was worried about keeping the large Arches watercolor paper on the table with the strong winds, so I paid 100% attention to composing the props on the table, so composition wound up lacking, too.

BUT, the goal was to create something this week, and here it is! Here is my low-pressure, no-stakes, easy afternoon of creativity for the week. Having these really cool leftover bottles from a bachelorette, the leftover roses, and all the fresh sunny late October air put together a beautiful moment for me. I took these shots maybe 3 hours ago, and now I'm drafting this post before 8pm on a Friday (spoiler: I *do* have to schedule posts out so I can keep up with inconsistent schedules, sorry. While this is just a side project I have to make sure I give as much as I can, when I can).

This is about the rosé, clearly. My eyes really just get stuck in the patterns of the rosé bottle with the contrast.

Rose and gold shadows make me happy. Light in glass makes me happy.

I love those long shadows.

Pictured above: the setup. My sister and BIL have maybe only half an idea how much I've thought about various spots in their house to use for photographs. Unlike food photography where I've got a few large tiles to use as flat lays, I have to get more creative with how to stage still life setups. I've been known to take large dress skirts, random shirts, fabric scraps from Joann's and more to serve as a backdrop.



I initially took these photos and edited them within like 2 hours and drafted this post. I slept on it, and this morning took some time to take a second stab at editing. I really wanted to brighten the highlights and whites, and I'm so much more pleased with this second batch! The photos in the rest of the batch I think reflect a more unified, bright, and more airy set of photographs. As such, these will be added to my dada shop!


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