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Oysters + Pearls

Once upon a time, there was a b̶o̶r̶e̶d̶ distracted artist looking to fill her time after a workout with some mindless retail window-shopping. When she got to the store that Saturday morning, the store was closed, but the parking lot had a handful of stalls organized for a small, quaint farmer's market.

I'm just going to let the whole world know this right now: when I see beautiful produce, cheese, or other great foods, I buy them. Did I have a plan for the pound of Italian oyster mushrooms I bought? Not initially. Did I buy them just for photos? Not at all. I absolutely snapped a pic of the pink oyster mushrooms on my phone for the gram, no doubt. But I love mushrooms, recently had been messing around with a mushroom turnover recipe, and wanted to dive into these farm-fresh, organic mushrooms.

But first, photos. Something about mushrooms--and a lot of forms of fungus, to be frank--just really captivates me. There is an overwhelming presence of organic design, but also a mathematical quality to some of it. The rounds are organic, but the gills are so beautiful! Evenly spaced, not crossing wires or anything. They each have their own line and path directly out from the stem of the mushroom.

And something about the warm tones of the browns spoke to me--the creamy coloring of the underside was just dying for some pearls. Also, oyster mushrooms just felt particularly right to go with some small pearls. This was my first little thing I shot with my camera, and I could see I was rusty, but I kept going. I rewarded myself later with some (read: 10 too many) mushroom turnovers. Recipe on that to follow!


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